UltraFlask Speed 500ml


Part of the ultra-light series, the 500 ml is so light, you might forget you brought it. Weighing in at just over an ounce, it’s optimal hydration, no matter what kind of runner you are. Its pliable material conforms to most pockets, it shrinks as you drink to minimize water movement and it can be used with or without the tube. Topped with a new feature, the SpeedFill™ cap, makes aid station refills a breeze. Ultra light weight, ultra useful.


Choose between two cap options. Directly mount your bite valve onto the cap or insert the adjustable drink tube to create a straw cap (can be cut to any length).


Designed for fast filling - flips open for quick refills and snaps closed for a leak-proof seal.


Soft material conforms to most hydration vests, belts or pack pockets, makes a great addition or replacement running flask.