Known for its arid landscape, unforgiving terrain, and extreme conditions, the vast Gobi Desert lends its name to a limited edition watch that would happily call this place home.

With advanced navigation features, class-leading battery life, rugged durability and more, COROS APEX 2 Pro Gobi is designed to thrive where few dare to tread. So wherever your trail takes you, be sure to grab one of the 1500 available units before they disappear like the shifting desert sands.

  • Next-generation accurate heart rate sensor
  • Connect with all five major satellite systems
  • Dual frequency GNSS support (APEX 2 Pro)
  • 17 days of regular use/45 hours of full GPS (APEX 2)
  • 30 days of regular use/75 hours of full GPS (APEX 2 Pro)
  • 1.2" sapphire screen and titanium bezel (APEX 2)
  • 1.3" sapphire screen and titanium bezel (APEX 2 Pro)
  • Wide range of activity modes and third-party integrations
  • Free global offline maps for on-wrist navigation
  • Full training plan and workout support
  • Watchband and charging cable are included
    Color: Gobi